2021 American Eagle Gold and Silver Coin Designs Narrowed to a Few

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If you didn't already know, 2020 will be the last year of the reverse design of the American Silver Eagle and American Gold Eagle. Both are memorable designs and have been in use since the coins' inception in 1986. Legendary designer, John Mercanti, became one of the most popular coin designers/engravers due to his work being featured on the back of all silver eagles for 30+ years.

With only about half a year left until 2021, coin designs have started to ramp up and discussions are being held daily as to which design should have the honor of being featured on two of the most popular coins of all time. These two coins quickly achieved worldwide fame because of their beauty, guaranteed precious metal weight, content, and purity. 

There were 39 types of coin designs being discussed by The Commission of Fine Arts (CFA) and The Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee (CCAC). 


The Recommendation

At the virtual meeting of the CCAC, members all agreed that this is one of the most important decisions they will have to make in their careers. They recognize the importance and the symbolism of these coins to the nation and to collectors near and far. In particular, member Deak Kotlowski said the following, "The designs must stand the test of time. The new motifs will likely occupy the nation's bullion coins for at least the next 25 years." Member Jeanne Stevens-Sollman agreed, urging the committee to "look at longevity" and saying that the chosen designs must be "fabulous."

The committee had high praise for all of the Mint's Philadelphia-based staff that participated, as well as its Artistic Infusion Program, which involves talent from around the country.

Former committee chair Mary N. Lannin called the portfolio "enormous" and said, "The ones we don't use, need to be kept somewhere" for use on future coins or medals. 

The following are the designs that are being recommended for the reverse gold:

2021 gold american eagle potential reverse design one.

2021 american gold eagle potential reverse design two.

2021 american gold eagle reverse design 3

The following is the design that is being recommended for the reverse silver:

2021 american silver eagle potential reverse design

This is an exciting time for numismatics. Two of the most widely known coins around the world is changing designs for the first time. No matter what designs they end up choosing, it will be interesting to see what happens to the collectibility of the old designs and these new designs going forward. How do you feel about the design change and the designs being proposed? Please let us know in the comments below.

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  • Where is the true power of the bird. I think the nesting has been done. It’s time to show the strength of the bird in action. And the all seeing eye of the eagle!!!! The last one, I believe she has the strength with Eagles eye. Where are the talons.

    Steve Castillo on
  • That’s a good observation Greg. Hopefully they take that into consideration

    Certified Coin Consultants on
  • I don’t want a reverse design that has the wings clipped, the whole eagle in full flight should show the whole wing span if a whole design eagle is chosen.

    Greg h. on
  • It will be on the obverse side.

    Certified Coin Consultants on
  • Where is the “ In God we trust “ on the new silver dollar ?

    Bill Eidman on

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