Going Out With a Bang: The 2020-W Gold Eagle V75 Will Be the Rarest Gold Eagle

Posted by Derek Sawchenko on

American Silver Eagle V75. A regular proof silver eagle obverse, but with a V75 privy mark to the right of walking liberty.American Gold Eagle V75. This a $50 1 oz proof gold eagle with a V75 privy mark. The mark is to the right of lady liberty.

The Mint has been releasing several variations of the 2020 silver eagle and 2020 gold eagle as they do every year. With this being the last year of the reverse designs of these coins, collectors are trying to get their hands on as many as they can. 

This is all going to come to a point at the end of this year. The Mint has announced that they will be releasing a special silver and gold eagle to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the end of World War II. Each coin will feature a special V75 privy mark on the obverse side. On the gold coin, this mark will be just below, slightly right of the olive branch that lady liberty famously holds.  For the silver coin, it will be to the right of the walking liberty and above "IN GOD WE TRUST."

The silver eagle will have a mintage of 75,000. Since this is the last silver eagle with the reverse design, it is likely that this coin will sell out rather quickly.

On the other hand, the gold eagle will only have a mintage of 1,945. This of course is symbolic of the year that World War II ended. However, this is also the lowest mintage of any U.S. Mint numismatic product ever. This extremely low mintage combined with the fact that this is the final coin of the final year of this design means that this coin will sell out within mere seconds. The best bet with an item like this is to try to place an order online. It is possible that a portion of the coins could be allocated to telephone sales, but there is no guarantee. In addition, with the current pandemic, there would be no phone sales. However, that could change by the time this coin is released.

With all of this in mind, if a collector is fortunate to get this coin when it is released, then they should consider themselves very lucky. It will be interesting to see what a perfectly struck coin in a first day of issue could be worth. This will be dependent on various factors such as how well the coins grade and how many of them are actually submitted for grading. No matter what, it will be an exciting time for numismatics and we wish everyone good luck in their quest to get one!

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  • i need st gaudens coins pre 1933

    juana pacheco on
  • mine mine mine it’s all mine mine!!!!!!!!!

    daffy duck on
  • Derek this coin ( to me ) would surely be an desirable icee.!

    Martin Singer on

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