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Washington Quarters

The Washington Quarter was first minted beginning in 1932. The quarter features a profile of George Washington on the obverse, and an eagle on the reverse. Beginning in the late 1990s, the mint came out with the state quarter program. This changed the reverse side of the quarter. Each state quarter features a reverse design that uniquely symbolizes the particular state. For example, the New York State quarter features New York State with the Statue of Liberty on the front. Once this popular series ended, the mint came out with U.S. Territories/Washington D.C. Since 2010, the mint has been releasing national park / national site quarters as apart of the America the Beautiful Quarters.

Collecting and Investing in Washington Quarters

From a collector’s point of view, the quarters that were created between 1932 to 1964 were created with 90% silver. Common dates are typically found in junk silver lots online. In terms of numismatics, some collectors try to find quarters that were minted during World War II. Finally, there are obviously key dates that people look out for such as the 1932-D Quarter, the 1932-S Quarter, or the 1934 Quarter.

In 2019, the mint released the first ever quarter with a “W” mint mark on it. PCGS offered a unique “First Discovery” label to the first 2019 W quarter that they received for grading. A high grade for this quarter so far is an MS67. It will be interesting to see where this quarter is selling for in years to come. Be sure to check out our inventory of Washington Quarters for sale!