How to Start a Coin Collection

Two checkerboard coin holders that are holding 19th and 20th century European silver coins.

Have you ever wanted to start collecting coins? Don’t know where to start? We have some information for you!  Coins are collected based on the year they were minted, where they were minted (Country & Mint), the design of the coin, the metal that the coin is made of, and many other factors. Unlike investing, collecting is based on the preferences of the individual. So, what becomes of the greatest importance is dealing with a company that is trusted and professional. This significantly decreases the odds of accidentally buying a fake coin, or being overcharged. Coins have historical, cultural, and artistic value. A coin is comprised of its design, mint year, strike, and condition. The two sides of a coin are known as the obverse and the reverse. Professional coin grading companies, such as the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation, NGC, and the Professional Coin Grading Service, PCGS, determine the quality of the coin’s condition. The scale is called the Sheldon grading scale. It uses a scale of 1 to 70 to determine the quality of a coin’s condition with 70 being the best. 

Where do you find coins?

You can stop by a coin store and ask the associates questions. Be sure to do research on the company before buying an expensive item. While you’re there check out different coins and ask about their numismatic or bullion value. Numismatic coins are rare and collectible. Bullion coins only have precious metal value and can be melted down. Shopping online on sites such as eBay is also an option.

Own a piece of history!

Coin collecting is a great hobby. You can own a piece of history in your hand. Each coin tells a story of its time period. When you begin collecting coins, it is important to remember the following information: numismatic or bullion, design, mint mark, and condition. If you have any questions about coins, Certified Coin Consultants is here for you. Call (516) 218 – 2094 or visit our store at 8 S. Village Ave., Rockville Centre, NY.