$5 Gold Eagle Collection: 1860-D Medium D Liberty Head Half Eagle

Posted by Derek Sawchenko on

  1860-D (Dahlonega) Mint $5 Gold Eagle Obverse. Graded in PCGS Holder, MS611860-D (Dahlonega Mint) $5 Gold Eagle Reverse graded in PCGS holder.

    With a low mintage of 14,635, one would expect the 1860-D (Dahlonega Mint) to be extremely hard to come by. However, it is relatively obtainable compared to other dates in the series. It is most often seen in extremely fine grades. It is relatively available in lower About Uncirculated grades despite its small population. Finally, it becomes rarer in the higher About Uncirculated grades and it is extremely rare in full Mint State.

    There are two varieties for this example, Large D and Medium D. The best way to differentiate is to see if the mint mark is wider or taller. If it is wider, than it is most likely a medium example. If it is the latter, then it is most likely a large example.

    The surfaces of most show many abrasions. Specifically, the obverse side is often eroded and has a choppy appearance. In addition, several often have grease stains from the minting process and reddish-purple toning spots.
However, if a collector takes their time, then they can find an example that is well struck with a frosty luster.

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