What is the Trade Dollar?

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The trade dollar was minted between the years 1873-1885. The trade dollar is 90% silver and 10% copper. The designer of the trade dollar is William Barber.

What are some other coins William Barber has printed?

He has also designed the twenty-cent piece, commercial dollars, high quality medals and tokens, private coins, and a very inspiring Amazonian silver coin set in 1872.

1873 Silver Trade Dollar Obverse and Reverse. The obverse features a seated lady liberty with an olive branch. The reverse features an eagle with an olive branch.

Some other facts about the Trade Dollar

The trade dollar weighs about 27.216 grams and is about 1.5 inches in diameter. It has a reeded edge like on most coins such as the quarter and dime. The trade dollar was used for international trade amongst various different countries hence the name “trade dollar”. The trade dollar is a silver coin, so if you are trying to tell if your trade dollar is real, try to pick it up with a magnet. If you are able to pick it up that’s how you would know it is fake. The 1884 and 1885 trade dollars are the rarest and most valuable trade dollars there is.

Written by Nevan Sawchenko - 12 Year Old Numismatist

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