The History of the Roosevelt Dime

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1950 Proof Roosevelt Dime Obverse and Reverse

The Roosevelt dime was minted in 1946 and replaced the Mercury dime. It weighs about 2.268 Grams and the diameter is 17.91 Millimeters or 0.705 of an inch and the edges are reeded. The designer, John R. Sinnock was also the designer of the Franklin half dollar. His initials can be found at the bottom of the dime below Franklin D. Roosevelt’s Neck. John R. Sinnock is also the designer of the Purple Heart Medal. After the initial minting of the Roosevelt dime in 1946, a false narrative  in the United States broke out stating that the letters "JS" actually stood not for John Sinnock, but for Joseph Stalin. The rumor broke out again when the Franklin half dollar was minted in 1948. John Sinnock was born July 8, 1888, in Raton, New Mexico, and found himself getting educated at the Philadelphia Museum School of Industrial Art. The Roosevelt dime is still in use today and the value is 10 cents.

Written by Nevan Sawchenko - 12 Year Old Numismatist

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