What Is The Charlotte Mint?

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Like its sister mint in Dahlonega, Georgia, the Charlotte Mint of North Carolina was established by the Mint Act of 1835. It also operated in the years leading up to the American Civil War. Between the years of 1838 and 1861 the Charlotte Mint produced gold coins of denominations of $5, $2.50, and for a time, $1. These coins carried the “C” mintmark. In 1861, when North Carolina seceded from the Union, the Confederacy took control of the mint, and briefly kept mintage operations going until realizing that it was a futile effort. After this, the mint was used as a military hospital until the end of the war. After the war, federal troops briefly used the mint as an office until 1867 when the mint was designated at as assay office. An Assay office is a place designated to evaluate the content and quality of metals and ores. The Charlotte location served as this function until 1913. Much like its Dahlonega counterpart, the Charlotte mint ultimately did not mint a very large amount of coins. Estimates put the number produced at over one million official US coins. This low number means that the coins minted at the Charlotte Mint are quite rare and valuable. Often times worth much more than their weight in gold. Certified Coin Consultants of Rockville Centre is proud to buy and sell in these wonderful coins. So call, reach out on social media, email, or stop in today to get ahold of some of these rare and phenomenal coins!

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