The Success of the 50 State Quarter Program

Posted by Derek Sawchenko on

Nevada, South Dakota, Washington, Nebraska, Colorado, North Dakota State Quarters

If you ask anyone in the United States, chances are that they know about the 50 State Quarter Program to some degree. Whether an individual has collected the coins or they simply recognized that the reverse of the quarter was different than the typical bald eagle, everyone knows about them. This is why it can be argued that the 50 State Quarters are the most successful coin program of all time.

There are several reasons why this coin program was so successful. For one, the coins were and still are easily accessible. It seems like every quarter that one receives is one of the state quarters, while the standard eagle quarter has become more and more infrequent. In addition, instead of having to get the coin from the mint or a coin shop, people would find the coins in their pocket change.

Furthermore, the coins were very cheap to collect, only .25 cents. Gathering the whole collection would set someone back $15. Perhaps a few extra dollars could have been spent on a folder or display case for the whole collection. 

With 5 coins being released every year, collectors had something to look forward to each year. In the end, even people who didn't collect coins were able to get involved and perhaps were converted to become coin collectors after the sets were finished.

Today, the Mint continues to put different types of designs on the back of the quarter. Whether it is a landmark or a special individual in American history, the Mint continues to come out with great designs to keep the American people involved in collecting coins.

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