Finland Takes Back Coins in Bad Taste

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Finland Commemorative Civil War Recalled Coin


Finland was set to release a commemorative set of coins that were going to celebrate the centennial of Finnish Independence. In 1918, Finland got its independence from Imperial Russia. At this time, there was a Civil War where the Finnish White Guard sought independence while the Finnish Red Guard sought to remain with Imperial Russia. As a result, the German Empire supported the White Guard while the Red Guard was supported by Russia.

Throughout his war, many Red Guard soldiers were either imprisoned in harsh conditions or were killed. At one such camp near Helsinki, 14,000 and 27,000 Red Guard soldiers died from hunger and diseases.

This is why the coins were considered to be in bad taste. Because one of the coins depicts White Guard soldiers executing Red Guard Soldiers in a firing squad. There is another coin that isn't considered to be in bad taste. It is a fifth coin called "Global Justice." It depicts a Syrian refugee child who died in 2015. The intent of the coin was to show the struggles that the refugees are going through. However, the problem with this is that the coin has little relevance to the independence of Finland. So, it was also taken back. 

There are no plans to release commemorative coins with different designs at this time. Although, one would think that it is likely to occur.

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