Silver Is Up

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Silver has been having a good couple of weeks. Since April 4th, when the silver spot price was $14.45, it has gone up, and up, and up to $17.24. Many experts feel that the silver spike was a response to weakness in the US Dollar Index (DXY). And in the long term silver can continue this trend! Depending on, but not limited to, a multitude of factors like inflation, the devaluating of currency, Chinese physical exchanges, and more. Some people feel that silver prices could possibly shoot up over $50, or even $100! Comparatively, prices are very low right now. So this could be a good time as any to get a hold of some silver, even in the short term, prices look to trend upwards. One safe way to get your hands on some silver is through bullion coins. Coins valued for the precious metals that they contain within. If there is one place that you can easily get some silver it’s Certified Coin Consultants of Rockville Centre. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and having some of the best, and most knowledgeable representatives in the industry you can be sure that it’ll be one of the best coin buying experiences you could have! So, call, email, reach out on social media, or visit today. You’ll be glad you did!

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