Classic Half Cent

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The classic Half Cent coin was one of the earliest coins in United States History. It is also commonly known as the Half Penny. The Coinage Act, also known as the Mint Act, was passed by Congress on April 2, 1792. This act approved all denominations of currency for the country. These denominations were established by the United States Mint. The first president of the United States, George Washington, began his second term when the coin was first minted in 1793.  The half-cent was produced before silver and gold coins, which required security bonds. Half cents were easier to put into circulation. 
     The obverse side of the 1793 first half-cent depicts Lady Liberty facing the left with a cap on a pole in the background. The year of mintage can be found at the bottom of the coin. The reverse side contains mostly written detail along with a laurel that is tied with a bow; “The United States of America” is largely inscribed around the laurel. Inside the laurel, “Half Cent” is inscribed. The designer of the coin is undetermined. However, it is suspected that it is either Joseph Wright or Adam Eckfeldt. After 1793, variations of the half-cent were minted. All the variations are of high value and are sought after. Certified Coin Consultants has 1809 to 1836 in stock. Please call (516) 218-2094 or e-mail us at for more information! 

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