Mint Coin Errors, a Unique Type of Collectible

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Kennedy Half Dollar Error Coin. The obverse features a blank coin with no design. The reverse features a typical Kennedy half dollar with an eagle holding arrows and an olive branch. The reverse reads: United States of America, Half Dollar

There are many types of coins available for collection. One unexpected type of collectible is coin mishaps. As it turns out, coin mistakes have quite an interesting pedigree.

Over the years, there have been several examples of coinage errors. Some of these mistakes have gained a certain degree of notoriety. One such coin was the subject of an article in The Numismatist (August 2015, "A Major Morgan Dollar Error," p. 57), while others have featured in Mike Bryers' World's Greatest Mint Errors (GA95.B8 2009) and Nicholas Brown, David Camire and Fred Weinberg's 100 Greatest U.S. Error Coins (GA95.B7 2010). 

Here are a few examples of famous coin errors:

Type 2 Gold Dollar Brockage

A "brockage" occurs when an already struck coin is not ejected from the press and sticks to the reverse die. The obverse of this coin also  functions as the reverse die. When a new planchet enters the coining chamber, it receives a mirror image of the obverse design.

1859 Indian Head Cent Die Cap

A "die cap" error happens when a coin becomes stuck to one of the dies. If the coin stays in the same position for more than one strike, it then forms around the die, resulting in a cap-shaped specimen with a distorted-image on the opposite side.

Uniface Indian Head Cent on Half Dime Planchet

This famous coin error was created when two planchets, one meant for a cent and the other meant for a half dime, entered the coining chamber at the same time. This resulted in coin with only the reverse side.

1918-S Standing Liberty Quarter Off-Center on Nickel Planchet

This unique coin mishap constitutes two different errors in the same coin. The coin is both off-centered and the wrong planchet was used. 

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  • I have a coin error on a 1998 dime I found.
    It shows the face of the dime with a extra drop or metal on the eye of the presidents face.
    Have not seen any other errors like it I’ve researched all over.

    Tyler livingston on

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