What are Burnished American Eagle Coins?

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2006 Burnished Silver Eagle coin Obverse. Depicts Lady Liberty Walking with her hand our and the sun is rising. The coin reads: Liberty, In God We Trust, and 2006

The introduction of burnished American Eagle coins by the U.S. Mint in 2006 has become widely popular among collectors. The first coin to be burnished was the American Eagle silver coin, followed by the gold and platinum coins. The burnished finish became especially valued with the American Eagle silver coin, the most popular bullion coin in the world.

So what exactly are burnished coins?

Firstly, the U.S. Mint does not use the term "burnished," and instead refers to the coins as "uncirculated." Circulated coins are the coins that you may find in your pockets and use to buy items. Uncirculated coins are made the same way as circulated coins, however they are never released into circulation. This lends uncirculated coins a degree of rarity and newness. All burnished coins feature a "W" mintmark beneath the reverse image, referring to West Point, New York where the coins are made.

The term "burnished" is used by numismatics to refer to a specific kind of finish applied to coins. Burnished coins have a smooth and matte surface and appear less shiny than standard bullion coins. Some collectors believe that the burnished finish adds to the longevity of the coins. 

How are burnished coins made?

With Silver Eagle coins, the silver blanks are first burnished before they are struck. The blanks are put through a spinning machine that adds polish. This is what creates the smooth surface of the silver blanks. The blanks are then placed into a striking machine that produces the finished burnished coins.

Why is it a good idea to invest in burnished coins?

Burnished coins offer a rare and unique version of the American Eagle coins. In particular, the burnished American Eagle silver coin is a highly worthy collectible for anyone who enjoys coins. The smooth and matte finish would makes the burnished coins a special part of anyone's collection.

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