Is a 100-Point Grading Scale for Numismatic Coins Coming?

Posted by Derek Sawchenko on

2012 Platinum Eagle, 1985 Chinese Autonomy Coin, 2013 Year of the Snake Australian Coin, all graded by NGC in slabs.

Recently, Ron Guth, President of Coinfacts, has suggested a new 100-point grading scale for numismatic coins. As it stands, coins are currently graded on a 70 point scale. 1 being the lowest, and 70 being a perfect coin. 

Initially, a 100-point system makes sense considering that most things in our life follow this scale. This could potentially draw in more people to the hobby as it would be more accessible to the average person. 

On the other hand, It will be difficult to implement this new system simply due to the fact that millions of coins would have to be regraded and scaled using this new system. Essentially, the 80 to 100 grades would be the equivalence of the MS grades. 71-79 would be considered dead and unused numbers. Finally, 1 to 70 would be scaled to fit PO1 - AU58.

Ultimately, the current grading system demands that an individual knows how to properly grade coins. It is a skill that one only gains through years of practice and dedication. Most numismatists will share this sentiment, which is why the current system is likely here to stay. 

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