Have you heard of the Aluminum Morgan Dollar?

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1885 Aluminum Morgan Dollar Obverse, Reverse, and in a PCGS holder

In 1884, Mint Director A.L. Snowden was made known of two counterfeiters who possessed false dies that were essentially the same as those possessed by the mint. These counterfeiters had the power to place the country's coinage at their mercy.

As a solution, Snowden created the "Edge Lettered" Dollar in 1885. The idea was so important that he sent an example to Congress. However, Snowden left the U.S. Mint before the project ever saw the light of day on any circulating Morgan Dollars...

...Struck in Aluminum, this is one of just six examples known in that metal with this one being the Finest Known. 

This coin is unmatched in quality, even when compared to the Proof Morgans of the day. Thi
s is as perfect of an issue as you can get, completely "as struck", and one of the most beautiful coins you'll ever be given the pleasure to look at, let alone have the chance to own!

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