United Kingdom Withdraws from European Union

Posted by Derek Sawchenko on

We witnessed history today as the United Kingdom withdraws from the European Union. Prime Minister David Cameron has decided to step down from his position. Global currency markets have plummeted and panic has set in. Scotland has made it clear that the country will seek independence from the U.K. The United States will maintain its relationship with the U.K as the world moves forward.

            What does this mean for coin collectors? Have you ever felt a coin in your hand that you could feel those who have carried it? Have you looked at a coin so closely that you could feel the history of a nation emanating from it? Coins have always been a symbol of national pride and culture. Collecting coins is a great hobby where you can hold a piece of history in your hand. With this particular situation, it will be interesting to see what coins come out to commemorate the event. (ORIGINALLY POSTED: 06/24/2016)

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