Philadelphia Mint

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The United States Mint was established after Congress passed the Coinage Act on April 2, 1792. The U.S Mint’s first federal building was built in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Philadelphia was the nation’s capital at the time. As the nation grew, the need for more coins became apparent. The building became too small. The mint moved buildings in 1829, 1901, and 1969. The current Philadelphia Mint building was built on August 14, 1969. Copper, silver, and gold coins were produced. $2.50, $5, $10, half dime, and half-cent pieces were put into circulation. Coins have been minted in Philadelphia for decades. The list of coins produced at the Philadelphia mint grew over time. The following coins have been minted there throughout the years: circulated, uncirculated, commemorative. Coins with the mint mark “P” are from the Philadelphia Mint. It is located on 5th and Arch streets. The building is open to visitors and offers tours. 

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