PCGS Announces Security Chip-Embedded Slabs To Protect Against Counterfeiting

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1879 Flowing Hair $4 Gold PCGS PR67+CAM. A magnification shows an HID NFC certification computer chip embedded in the holder. There is also a phone on the right that shows PCGS's website and information about the coin.

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) has recently partnered with HID Global to create slabs that contain anti-counterfeiting chips. These Near Field Communication (NFC) chips will be embedded in all Gold Shield domestic holders free of charge. Essentially, these chips will be scannable by a smartphone and it will pull up information such as the certification number, date, mintmark, denomination, variety, region, grade, mintage number, holder type, and population. This will allow the collector to easily confirm that the coin was certified, graded, and slabbed by PCGS. This advanced technology will add another layer of difficulty for nefarious people looking to create knockoff PCGS graded coins.

The process of utilizing this technology is very intuitive for anyone with a smartphone. One can simply place their phone near a slabbed coin with this technology and it will launch the PCGS app (if installed) or PCGS’s website with information similar to what is depicted in the picture above.

The NFC chip contains a URL that generates a unique, cryptographic one-time password that changes every time the chip is used. This password is then validated by HID’s authentication service to confirm that it is the exact same tag that was issued with the slab.

Ultimately, this technology will help enhance and maintain the reputability of numismatics. This advanced technology will become commonplace in the coming years and every slab will have it to help increase accessibility and prevent fraud.

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  • NOT on MY coins, you don’t. Just a 1/2 step away from the government ordering the companies planting these chips, and all selling them, to have ALL information on who bought them turned over to the government. Stay away from all such “security” devices. Simply plant your precious metals in extremely secure locations. Oh, and never, NEVER accept a “mark” on the right hand or forehead. Don’t laugh. It’s coming in the near future…..

    Shaun of the Yukon on

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