Investing in Palladium and its relation to Gold and Silver

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Chances are if you are reading this, you are interested in investments concerning numismatics and bullion. Typically, people tend to invest in either gold or silver. But what about Platinum, or the even lesser considered palladium?

If we look at the percentage gains and losses for gold, silver, and palladium for the last 5 years, the results are interesting. Palladium is up 43.63% while gold is down 22.47%, and silver, 46.51%.

Even in the past 12 months, palladium is up 36.70% while gold is 0.55 percent, and silver was down 7.94%.

Recently, the U.S. made a palladium bullion coin listed above. This is what allows investors to feel more comfortable when dealing with precious metals other than gold and silver.

So, what is Palladium used for? In the modern world, it is used as a catalytic converter, which is used in automobiles to convert pollutant gases into less harmful ones.

Palladium is rising for two big reasons. The first reason being the U.S. mint creating a bullion option for people to actually invest in the precious metal. The 2nd reason being the precious metal's attachment to industrial metals such as copper and aluminum. In general, these metals have seen an increase in demand, thus raising the prices of the metal group as a whole. 

If you are considering an investment in palladium, be sure to consider that it's a different animal when compared to gold and silver. 

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