Fourth Known $5 Gold Liberty Coin Discovered!

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1854 S $5 Gold Liberty Obverse Coin1854 S $5 Gold Liberty Reverse Coin

Originally thought to be a counterfeit, this 1854-S that was recently graded by NGC has become 1 of 4 known to man. What makes this coin so special is that it has one of the lowest mintages of any regular issue made for circulation in the U.S. In addition, it is one of the first coins that came out of the California Gold Rush from the U.S. Mint in San Francisco.

With a mintage of only 268 coins, the other surviving examples are in the National Numismatic Collection, another is owned by the Pogue family of Texas, and the last one's location is still unknown to this day as it was stolen in 1967 from Industrialist Willis DuPont.

This coin was graded by NGC as an XF45. The words, "Discovery of a Lifetime", was also written on the label to symbolize just how rare of a find this is. NGC Chairman, Mark Salzberg, said that finding this coin is like finding an original Picasso at a garage sale. 

The lucky New England owner of this coin who chose to remain anonymous was once in possession of a counterfeit coin, or so he thought. The coin is said to be worth millions of dollars if he chooses to sell it.

1854 S $5 Gold Liberty Obverse Coin NGC XF45 Grade Discovery of A Lifetime Label1854 S $5 Gold Liberty Reverse Coin NGC Label

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