EARTH AND BEYOND - Domed 1 oz Silver Coin from the Australian Mint

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Domed Earth Coin & OGP from the Australian MintDomed Earth Coin Obverse & Reverse. The Earth is on the Obverse, Queen Elizabeth is on the Reverse

Over the past few years, the Royal Australian Mint has been producing unique $5 silver coins in a domed shape. Some previous examples of their unique coins are two representing the northern and southern skies.

The mint has now released a coin representing the Earth. In addition to a colorized earth, the coin also features the different layers of the atmosphere such as the troposphere, stratosphere, mesosphere, thermosphere and the exosphere with the International Space Station orbiting around.

The obverse side of the coin represents Queen Elizabeth with the other planets in the Solar System.

With a mintage of only 5000, this coin is great option for people

This coin is the first of three that are planned for the "Earth & Beyond" series. The next coins are supposed to depict the beyond aspect which is referring to the other planets of the solar system and the galaxy.

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