Diamond gold coins sell for $152,000 each

Posted by Derek Sawchenko on

The Jewelled Phoenix Gold Coin. Features diamonds that form a rose gold Chinese Phoenix landing on a Paulownia tree.

The Berlin's World Money Fair saw Australia's Perth Mint launch a stunning gold $2,000 coin. The 10 oz coin is .9999 fine gold and is decorated in pink Argyle diamonds.

Designed by Aleysha Howarth, the diamonds decorate a fine rose gold Chinese Phoenix, or Fenghuang, landing on a Paulownia tree. The three flowers on the Paulownia tree are also handset with pink Argyle diamonds.  The approximate weight of the diamonds are 1.22 carat, while the thickness of the coin is approximately 12.83 mm. 

Only 8 of these coins came out of the Perth Mint in March of this year, all of which were sold for $1.2 million dollars total to people in Australia, Europe and Asia. 

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