Silver Coins and Bullion

Silver has held value and has been desirable for thousands of years and can be traced back to many civilizations. Today, although not used directly as a currency, silver coins and bullion are still highly sought after and are the most affordable way to store the value of one's savings and to make money as an investment. Today, the value of people's money is based on the credit and faith in the country in which they reside. Unfortunately, these governments continue to print more money, and the value of the dollar continues to decrease. As a result of this inflation, people's savings are slowly eroded as the years go on. People buy silver and other precious metals to prevent this erosion of their savings. In addition, people buy precious metals in the hopes that they can sell it for a higher price at a later date.

Following the stock market crash of 2008, the price of silver skyrocketed to $47.94 in April of 2011. The highest price that silver has ever reached is $48.70 in the 1970s. This data suggests that the price of silver can reach incredibly high prices and is a great way for investors to potentially make money. 

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