What is PCGS- Professional Coin Grading Service?

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In the world of numismatic coins, authenticity is key. As you would expect, verification is a very important aspect of coin trading, selling, buying, and collection. A buyer/seller/collector needs to make sure that the coin that they are dealing with is in fact the coin that they think it is, as well as get it graded for quality. One of the companies that does coin authentication is PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service). Founded in 1985, PCGS’s seven founding dealers sought to standardize coin grading. After grading a coin, PCGS encapsulates the coin, the practice of placing the coin in an airtight plastic container. Encapsulation is important because it keeps the coin in its best possible condition, as well as clearly labels the coin’s make, mint year, value, variety, and a serial number, as well as a holographic emblem that can be used to verify the coin was in fact authenticated by PCGS. Certified Coin Consultants of Rockville Centre, NY, is an authorized dealer of PCGS coins. And Certified Coin Consultants is proud to buy, trade, and sell in many beautiful, valuable, historic, perfect condition PCGS authenticated coins. Call or visit Certified Coin Consultants to get ahold of some of these stunning coins today!

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