What is Junk Silver?

Posted by Derek Sawchenko on

"Junk Silver" is a term that refers to coins that have bullion value as opposed to numismatic value. Bullion value, in this case, is the value of silver in the coin. Coins that fall under the "junk silver" category can include the following: Morgan Dollar, Peace Dollar, Barber Half Dollar, Walking Liberty Half Dollar, Franklin Dollar, Kennedy Half Dollar, Seated Liberty Dime, Barber Quarter, and more. All of these coins were produced and minted in the United States before 1964. These coins contain and are made of 90% silver. Many dealers and investors purchase junk silver coins for their bullion value. The price that coin dealers pay can fluctuate depending on the price of silver at the time. Coin collectors and investors collect junk silver for two reasons. First, any Americans stash away junk silver coins in fear of an economic collapse and to protect their savings from inflation. The second reason is people buy silver and sell it with the hopes of making a profit. Either way, junk silver is a great way for an individual to diversify their portfolio.

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