What do we know about the 2021 Morgan Silver Dollar So Far?

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2021 Morgan Silver Dollar Obverse and Reverse. It shows the original designs of the morgan silver dollar, but has the date 2021. It is a stock photo with a black background.

The House of Representatives passed H.R. 6192 without any resistance from members. This bill is more memorable by the name: The 1921 Silver Dollar Coin Anniversary Act.

On September 23rd, the bill was introduced to the Senate. As it stands, that is the latest update according to congress.gov. However, it is expected to pass the Senate where it will then be signed by the President.

Once the bill is confirmed, there is speculation about what coins the mint will actually produce. They could strike proof and uncirculated Morgan Silver Dollars at Philadelphia, Denver, and San Francisco. In addition, there may be marks added to commemorate the New Orleans and Carson City Mints where coins are no longer minted. The Peace Dollar is also apart of this bill and there is a high relief coin expected to be minted out of Philadelphia.

The designs will be the original ones with the same weight and dimensions. However, the bill grants the mint permission to create the coins in .999 fine silver versus the original .900 fine silver that was used 100 years ago.

As it stands now, coin collectors are waiting and anticipating any news out of the mint regarding these coins. The mint just released their early 2021 schedule and have not announced anything in regards to these coins. Since the bill is still in the Senate, they may not be allowed to announce any coins at this time. As we get updates, we will post them here.

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