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The United States Mint began compiling a list of coin clubs that celebrate U.S. coins and how they have played a role history. Coin collecting has been around for centuries; coins have a historical, artistic, cultural, and monetary value. The numismatic community is an enthusiastic community that takes pride in coin collecting.
            There are many ways to for coin collectors to connect. There are meetings held in person, coin shows, websites, and various ways to connect through social media sites. The U.S. Mint has begun to take compile a list of coin clubs that educate coin collectors. Coins must fit the mint’s criteria and register to be placed on the list. Criteria include the following: must non-profit organization that supports coin collecting, provide education to the public on the history of coins, and does not support hate or bias. Once a coin club met the criteria, it can e-mail licensing@usmint.treas.gov to register. Currently, there is only one organization on the list.

Check out their website for more information here.


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