The History Of The $10 Indian Head Gold Eagle

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 The Ten-Dollar Indian Head Gold Eagle is yet another beautiful coin that adds great substance to the history of American coinage. This stunning gold coin was designed by artistic mastermind Augustus Saint-Gaudens, after President Roosevelt commissioned its making. The obverse of the coin features Lady Liberty adorned by a full Indian war bonnet, as well as thirteen stars to represent the original American colonies. The reverse of this coin depicts a majestic American eagle perched upon a cache of arrows. Along with the eagle, the reverse of this coin also features “United States of America” arched at the top of the coin, as well as “E Pluribus Unum” above and to the right of the eagle. The denomination of the coin is also located on the reverse of the coin toward the bottom of the reverse. The edges of the eagles minted from 1908-1911 are decorated with 46 raised stars- one for each state in the Union. Two more stars were eventually added after 1912 bringing the total to 48 stars, recognizing two new states that had been added to the Union during that year.
     When President Roosevelt had originally called for these coins to be created, he had mandated that the motto “In God We Trust’ be omitted from the design. The reasoning behind this original decision was that these coins could conceivably be used for gambling or other illicit purposes and the coins should therefore not bear the name of God. In 1908, the motto was reinstated after Congress passed an act that stated that all United States coinage would bear this motto, as every coin in this series would until its end in 1933, when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt recalled gold coins in an effort to combat the depression.  
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