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Do you have a fortune worth of numismatic coins? The American Silver Eagle is highly sought after by coin collectors because it is one of the most beautiful coins. Coins are a safe and sound investment. A coin’s price can increase as the years pass. According to the United States Mint website, “American Eagle Silver Coins have been produced and sold in both proof and bullion finishes since 1986.” The American Eagle features two iconic designs. The obverse side has Adolph A. Weinman’s design of the Lady Liberty Walking; the reverse side has John M. Mercanti’s beautiful rendition of the heraldic American Eagle. The coin weighs one ounce and has a value of one dollar.
            The population and prices of the coins vary depending on the year of mintage. The 1999 American Silver Eagle Mint State 70 (MS70) costs $25,000; it is the highest price point among the various years and mint states. The mintage of the 1999 Silver Eagle is 7,408,640. However, there are only 129 coins in MS70. The second-highest price point is 1996 MS70 which costs $10,000. The mintage of 1996 Silver Eagle is 3,603,386; there are only 179 in MS70. Below is a chart of the top 5 high price point American Silver Eagles in Mint State 70.

Note that there are also different populations and prices for uncirculated and proof coins for each year. According to the A Guide Book of the United States Coins, “‘Uncirculated-burnished’ refers to the specialized mining process used to create [these] coins. […]. Proof coins which also have a mintmark, have a highly reflective, mirrorlike surface.” For example, the population of the 1999 Silver Eagle is 7,408,640. There are only 43 uncirculated and 80 proof (PF).
            American Silver Eagles are a safe and smart investment. You may want to sell an American Silver Eagle, or you may want to purchase one.  Call us at (516) 218 – 2094 for information. 

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