How to Store Coins

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Numismatic coins can be damaged or tarnished by air, the environment, and touch. There are many ways to store coins. Uncirculated coins should be kept in plastic cases for optimal protection. Circulated coins can be stored in a variety of ways. Check out the list below on ways to store your collection.

    1. Coin Case
Both the Professional Grading Coin Service (PCGS) and the Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC) grade coins and store them in a plastic case that became known as the “slab”. The slab is made up of acrylic plastic that keeps coins safe and secure. These slabs are unbreakable. A label for the coin is placed on the case.

   2.   Card Albums & Folders
Coin albums are binders with plastic sleeves. These plastic sleeves have plastic squares where coins can fit into. This way of storing coins is not ideal because the plastic can scatch the coins as they move inside each square of the sleeve. 

Coin folders can have flat pages with holes where coins can be displayed. Coins are placed into the holes with the one side of the coin exposed to the air and contamination/ This type of storing is best for circulating coins rather than uncirculated.

   3. Medal/Coin Cases
Medal and coin cases have a similar look to jewelry boxes. A case can hold up to one or more coins depending on the size. There is an indent inside the case to keep a coin from moving inside. The case can be closed and opened. It is an acceptable way of storing circulated coins/

  4. Coin Bags
    Coin bags can hold a large number of coins. However, they can rub against each other and scratch their surfaces. It is best not to use this type of storage.

There are many other ways of storing coins. Some are better than others. If you are new to coin collecting, it is important to remember that coins can be effected by the air and contamination. It is best to get your coins graded and encapsulated. It is not ideal to store uncirculated coins in shoe boxes, cardboard boxes, tissue paper, plastic, etc.

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