Coins During the 1790s

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During the 1790s, the first United States Mint building was established. In 1792, the U.S. Mint building was established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia was the nation’s capital. Thomas Jefferson, Secretary of State at the time, appointed Robert Scot as the Chief Engraver in 1793. The first coins did not include denomination on them; coins were recognizable by their design and size.

   Coins minted during the 1790s are considered rare. Coins that were minted during the 1790s include the following: Half Cent, Plain Edge Cent, Half Dime, Dime, Quarter Dollar, Half Dollar, Silver Dollar, Quarter Eagle, Half Eagle, and Eagle. Early coins were defined by their design and size. Later, denominations were engraved onto the coins. Silver coins were struck in 1794. Gold coins were stuck in 1795. Designs of coins during the 1790s depict Lady Liberty and the Heraldic Eagle. These coins are highly sought after. 

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