$5 Gold Eagle Collection: 1844-D Liberty Head Half Eagle

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1844-D (Dahlonega Mint) $5 Gold Eagle Liberty Head NGC MS61 Obverse1844-D (Dahlonega Mint) $5 Gold Eagle Liberty Head NGC MS61 Reverse


    With a mintage of 88,982, the 1844-D is one of the most available Dahlonega half eagles struck during the 1840's. Compared to other obtainable dates, 1843-D & 1845-D, the 1844-D is the hardest to come by in high grades. In particular, NGC and PCGS have only graded 19 & 24 uncirculated examples, with the highest grade being an NGC MS64+.

    The surface of many 1844-D $5 gold eagles have defects caused by the minting process. Some of these include stains, nicks in the planchet, and coarse areas. On the other hand, the strike of these coins are typically of above average quality compared to what one would expect from Dahlonega mint issues. Overall, with a sharp obverse and nice glossy finish, the relatively obtainable 1844-D is a great addition for the avid collector.

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